Name: Mikhail (non-formal: Mike, Misha)
   Surname: Igorevich (father`s name is Igor)
   Last Name: Ermilin (though it reads like Yermilin)
   Nick Name: Okim (Okimosy, Nakosy, Mikosy for various games and forums)
   Date of birth: 21 of November, 1981
   place of birth: Moscow, Russian Federation, on the very cross between Noviy Arbat and Starij Arbat.

So, what else? Graduated in a high scholl with deeper study of English (that`s where my great English comes from ;) ). Studied programming and internet programming in MIIT (Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers) for quite a bunch of years. Currently working as a SEO specialist and as a designer of various graphical useless junk.

My hobbies.

The very first obscession were dinosaurs. I think that the majority of boys all over the world loved them. I gathere a lot of books, images, miniatures and other related stuff untill i first met his majesty The PC!
PC games are the second 'hobby'. They took a lot of my time and continue to steal it from my family...
The third hobby came recently (somewhere near 5 years ago). It was the first time i modded a game. It was original UFO Enemy Defence, i modified some weapons and sprites. In the middle of 2007 i began to mod Sword of The Stars. That`s the most important moment in my modding life as SOTS showed me how cool it is to create stuff of your own concept and design. For almost 3.5 years i was constantly developing my ACM mod (advanced convertion mod) and managed to create something interesting.

The modding and texturing skills i got while working on it were quite handy in everyday life (as i began to work as a designer in a company selling flats).

Another hobby that is now gone is WH40k table top. I created some interesting things during this period that i`ll show on the 'other stuff' page.

The last hobby is the most important one. Almost a year and a half ago (end of 2010) i started to develop my first table top game based on MOO2 universe. More about this on 'tabletop' page.

History of 'Okim'.

Well , that`s quite simple. It is a reverse of 'Miko' and Miko is a cool conversion of Mike ;) And what about the others? Okimosy and all other -osies were used if Okim or Miko were not available, so these are secondary. And my first PC was produced by a firm called Nakosy.

History of my avatar.

That`s also quite simple. Its a Tyranid Tyrant - a cool creature form Warhammer 40000. The avatar is not a picture of my miniature. Its taken from Forgeworld, coloured and modified a bit. My Tyrant looks less interesting and detaled, beleive me.

Recent activities.

- started development of a 'Project Ironclads' mod for Starfarer.
- participated in development of Endless Space game as a community VIP.
- 'developed' a table top game based on UFO (strategic, not tactical).

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