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Unfinished and abandoned stuff


Project Ironclads for Starsector.

This is currently the only project i`m workin on almost dayly. It started from a simple top render of my DN that i took from TCM mod for Sword of The Stars.

Name: Project Ironclads (or simply Ironclads)
Game: Starsector (former Starfarer)
Forum link: Starfarer modding forums
Date started: mid of December 2011
Status: in active development
Main goals: total replacement of all starships, weapons and factions.
Current version: Ironclads 4.3 (January 2013)
Main features:
1. 4 major human factions, 2 minor human and 1 very minor, but fearsome alien faction.
2. unique set of ships for each faction. Lots of different ships.
3. ~100 weapons with each faction using their own sets.
4. replaced system that contains 5 bases and fleets of all the factions.
5. several missions that allow player to control various factions.

Factions. RSF.

RSF or Russian Stellar Federation is a large faction that has several colonies, military bases and countless fleets.

They are flying on the most armored ships with weapons focused for frontal assaults. RSF shields are thus frontal oriented and fixed. RSF is the only faction that has a dedicated Drone Carrier. Carrier deploys a great number of drones that are vefy effective against fighters and missiles as well as small ships.

Fighters are primarly designed for multiple roles. For example Su-75 can be used as a powerful interceptor due to its two 14mm autocannons and 2 Arrow anti-fighter missiles. In the same time it can engage other ships by its missiles and unguided rockets. RSF bombers are the thoughest and heaviest amoung all other factions.

Weapons mostly consist of artillery guns of various calibers. RSF have access to powerful laser weapons and ion cannon that can disable target`s engines and weapons. Missiles are a bit primitive, but still rather effective. They have a special missile designed to overload enemy shields.

show RSF ships

Factions. ISA.

ISA or Interstellar States of America are the second major faction in the mod. They control a bit smaller territory than RSF, but have military strength somewhat greater than RSF.

Ships are more advanced than those RSF use. They have good flux capacity and more powerful shields, but they lack armor and are quite fragile if left without shields. ISA mostly focus on frontal and broadside engagements. They have the most powerful missile support ships, the only frigate in the game capable of mounting a large energy weapon and the cheapest carrier. They also possess a phase skimmer frigate.

ISA main doctrines are based on the usage of carriers and fighter wings. They have the most diverse fighter wing types in the mod, but almost all of them are specialised. For example A-110 with its powerful assault cannon and multiple unguided rocket racks or F-61 with its anti-fighter missiles. The most advanced fighter in the mod also belongs to ISA. It is a sneaky F-171 stealth fighter that carries various missile ordnane and is equipped with a phase cloack.

Weapons consist of ballistic cannons including powerful rotary assault and defence guns, energy weapons include blasters and powerful plasma cannons. ISA have the most powerful and effective missiles in the mod. Among them are Eel EMP missiles and Barracuda mk.2 missiles with proximity detonation. The most deadly ones are cruise and mirw heavy missiles.

show ISA ships

Factions. UIN.

UIN or United Interstellar Nations are relatively recent addition to the mod. They currently have a limited number of ships and a set of 20+ weapons, so its a bit early to speak about their specialisations and focuses.

Ships are going to be designed around broadside engagements with main weapons being able to engage targets on both sides of the ships. They are also going to have good shields and probably fortress shields for each ship class.

Weapons consist of long range artillery, rapid fire cannons and powerful energy weapons among witch are patricle cannons, beams and emp cannons. Missiles are relatively scarse, but still effective.

show UIN ships

Factions. XLE.

XLE or Xing Lao Empire (translated something like 'Empire of the Stellar Throne') is another recent addition to the mod. They fly the most spectacular ships in the mod that represent various serpents, dragons and creatures alike.

XLE currently have a few ships, but their warfare concept is already designed. XLE are going to use fast and agile ships with powerful weapons that are mostly fixed in the frontal arc. Their fighters will mostly be focused on assault and strike roles. All ships and fighters will be equiped with active flare launchers for anti-defence purposes.

Powerfull and not so powerful beams, rapid fire and unique ballistic cannons with energy damage are the main XLE weapons. They are the only faction to have powerful beam defence weapons that converge on mouse pointer (RSF tri-beams are not counting as they are not defence weapons). Also they are the only faction to have some odd missile weapons such as kinetic or smart rockets and micromissiles that are able to engage all targets.

show XLE ships


The majority of fleets that are present in the campaign are private civilian freighters, miners, mercs and enforcers. They are currently delivering resources and ships to RSF base, but in future there also will be traders who supply ISA base.

Ships are mostly either outdated or civilian versions of military ships taken from other factions. Fighters are limited to a few variants.

Weapons are cheap and does not contain any powerful energy or missile weapons. This is lore wise as no faction is going to allow civilians to use advanced military grade equipment on their easy to capture ships.

show civilian ships


The most interesting faction in the game. They hunt civilian and player ships alike in campaign.

The interesting part of this faction are their ships. These are scrap built or heavily modified versions of the ships the other factions use. They have no shields at all but have the additional drives and lots of weapons that are mainly fixed.

Pirates use various weapons taken from other factions. They mostly focus on ion and emp weapons. Powerful torpedoes and other missiles are a very rare sight. There are some wealthy pirates who got lucky enough to survive for a long time and get some credits to upgrade their ships beyound the max capacity that is normally allowed.

show pirate ships


The mysterious and very deadly 'faction' in the mod. They have no base in campaign and are present in it as a number of small and medium fleets. The most deadly fleet in campaign belongs to the aliens too. Its a mothership with its escorts.

Ships are extremely mobile with an ability to quickly change direction. Their frigate has a phase teleporter making it a dangerous foe in any combat. Carrier, while being slower than the majority ships of its cruiser class, has some deadly missile weapons and a wing of powerful drones. The mother ship uses drones-on-drones system with the main drones carrying powerful alien beams and the secondary drones - the majority of point defence weapons.

Alien weapons are energy based. They have a powerful pulse laser, a deadly blaster and a unique beam that deals emp damage and can stop fighters or change missile direction upon hit. Even their missiles are also energy based. They can even slowly regenerate ammo!

show alien ships

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