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TCM for Sword of the Stars.

This is one of the latest and most global project. Its an evolved ACM mod and its spin-off projects like 'The Greys' and 'There is only War'.

Name: TCM (Total Convertion Mod)
Game: Sword of the stars: Argos Naval Yard
Forum link: kerberos Productions modding forums
Date started: late 2011
Status: in development
Maing goals: total replacement of ALL factions, weapons and a techtree.

Tech demo: TCM ANY (21.03.2012)

Recent news.

November 2012. The work on this mod is being restarted. The first terran cruiser is finished and fully operational. It took me almost a half of year to finish it. Now when the model is done it will be much easier to create other cruiser models. Once i`m done with cruisers - i`ll upload a second tech-demo for you to test. Can`t say for sure how long it will take, but i`ll try my best.

The new cruiser is using an almost unseen in SOTS directional thruster system. If it runs forward - its main thrusters are burning. If its breaking - the forward facing thrusters are initiated. This system is present in SOTS and used in hammerhead sections to fire thrusters linked with ship rotation. I just used this to create a breaking thrusters and i must say - it looks great!

The new cruiser is also using specular lights. This makes the model to look more attractive in game. The plan is to update all current DE models to use this system.

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Main features.

1. a total remodelling of ALL ships.

2. more detailed ships - all weapon mounts (with a very little exception) will have their own model for turret and/or barrel. This includes fixed weapons and missile launchers.

3. lots of weapons (mainly taken from ACM).

4. new techtree. Not as overbranched as ACM had, but still complex enough. Increased research times (not as great as in ACM though).

5. new weapons (AP lasers/fusion weapons, shield piercing phasors, new missiles etc.).

6. gunships as riders, frigates as tiny FTL capable ships.

7. greatly improved defense sats - hvy missiles/large turrets/heavy turrets for DE sats, massive turrets for CR sats and siege weapons for DN sats.

8. new effects, icons, detailed techtree etc.

9. titans as above-DN-size ships (aka leviaphans).

History of the mod.

TCM is a further step in SOTS modding after my first project ACM and various abandoned spin-offs. Its a global convertion that is aimed to replace everything.

In late 2010 a mod to SOTS called 'There is only War' was in development. It was a project based on Games Workshop Battle Fleet Gothics table top game. After some time the mod was abandoned, but a single ship emerged from it as a totally new look of human models:

It spawned a lot of variations, but right after i started to work on smaller ship - i came with a totally new look of ships (shown in screenshots all over here). This particular 'projenitor' ship design is now abandoned and being replaced by a new one, more agressive and striking. The greatest model in this mod was a might human dread:

Currently the mod is in suspended state as it requires some extra time that i do not have right now. There is a tech demo available that features only human Destroyers and almost all small and medium sized weapons as well as some number of large and missiles. There is also an unfinished techtree in that demo.

Other races concepts.

A total conversion means that every single model in the mod is planned to be replaced. I though to replace only one race with a new - the Liir. Others (Hivers, Tarkas, Morrigi, Zuul) were planned to have only models replaced. There are currently 3 concepts for other races` ships:

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