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ACM for UFO Aftershock.

This is my second major project that i started to develop in early 2009.

Name: ACM (Advanced Convertion Mod)
Game: UFO Aftershock (unofficial patches 1.2 and 1.3)
Forum link: Strategy Core modding forums
Date started: somewhere near the end of summer of 2007
Status: finished in 2011
Maing goals: lots of new weapons, new models, new techtree, stronger and more varied enemies.

Current version: UFO AS ACM 2.0 (25.11.2011)

Main features.

1. new items:

- pistols: glock 19, usp
- smgs: mac10, ump45, fn p90
- shotguns: sawn-off shotgun, hunting shotgun, saiga, usas (replaces spas-15), striker
- assault rifles: aksu, calico, g36, famas, g3ka4, fn fal, scar-l, scar-h
- sniper rifles: sks, m14, r700, svd (replaces msg), l96
- machineguns: rpk, m249, pkp pecheneg
- launchers: rg6 grenade launcher, m202 missile launcher
- commando-only weapons: dartgun, advanced airgun, mp5sd6, groza, hk g11, vss sniper rifle
- melee weapons: chainsword, powersword
- energy weapons: laser cannon, plasma pistol (replaces plasma shotgun), plasma cannon, sonic rifle (replaces ultrasonic gun), sonic cannon
- new powerful gauss weapons: pistol, rifle, cannon and sniper rifle
- new grenades, mines and missiles: plasma, warp, 40mm flashbang, 40mm poison, 40mm sonic, plasma and warp missiles and mines
- new cyborg-only weapons: browning h2, 5.56mm chaingun, 7.62mm chaingun gatling laser, hyper plasma cannon, gauss minigun, AGL grenade launcher
- completely reworked drone weapons: m249, m60, energy cannons, gauss cannon, AGL grenade launcher, m202D launcher, gatling laser, hyperplasma cannon, gauss minigun, pkm
- cultists hybrid weapons: laser rifle (based on Reticulan weapon), plasma rifle (based on Wargot weapon), warp rifle (based on Reticulan weapon)
- new cultist-wargot weapons that can be used only by cyborgs
- new wargot weapon: ultrasonic cannon
- ammo: .44 mag (for desert eagle), .45acp, ammo for new commando weapons
- darts for airguns: stunning, poison, paralyze
- new items: underbarell scanners, stimulant injector addons

2. techtree was reworked to increase time which player needs to get basic firearms, grenades and other advanced weapons.

3. replaced models for ALL human weapons. New textures for laputian, local humans and cultist armors.

4. new firing sounds and projectile effects.

5. factions use all new weapons, cultists can be accompanied by drones, their cyborgs use wargot weapons and heavy weapons. Factions squads were increased a bit.

6. reworked experience. Soldiers now gain experience mainly for killing enemies rather than simply participating in mission.

7. militia barracks were reconfigured. You can now use three types of barracks - basic (firearms, gauss), energy (laser, sonic, plasma, warp) and support (snipers, machineguns and launchers).


Mod`s history, weapon type descriptions, factions and new high tech toys - just wait for it!

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