ACM manual


This mod was primarily intended to replace older human ship models with new ones, but during development many other things were changed and added. The mod ended up as a major conversion mod that not only replaces human models, but changes their style of play, introduces a whole new techtree, adds tons of new weapons, sections and effects!

Mod features:

  • 19-branched tech-tree (Over 300 techs to develop!).
  • great number of new weapons (including 3-barrelled versions of large weapons, heavy beams and torpedo launchers for projector mounts, 4 new siege weapons such as plasma annihilator and stellar converter, new missile-like torpedoes and many other).
  • new human ship models (all human models, exept stations, were replaced).
  • fast and nible police cutters (gunships).
  • new sections (CR fixed mount comsections that use spinal mounts as main weapons, DE repair and salvage ships for earlier tech salvaging, DOOMSTAR - huge DN based ships acting as flagships and siege weapon platforms).
  • CR beam platforms (CR based platforms with heavy weapons mounted on a huge turret. These weapons could be either heavy beams, projectors or 3-barrelled versions of normal large weapons).
  • CR drone platforms.
  • DN siege platforms (DN based enormous satellites that have a single siege weapon mount to deal with enemy DNs and DOOMSTARS).
  • three types of drones instead of one.
  • replaced swarmer weapons and explosions.
  • totally new explosion, engine and missile/torpedo trail effects.
  • reworked planetary assaults: planets now do not launch missiles, all weapons have reduced damage to planets (~1000 times lower), armor sections now can carry a variety of bombs, dropships are introduced to allow capturing of enemy colonies.
  • improved shielding technology. Shields are now more efficient, but they cost several times more research to develop.
  • new graphics, sounds and texts.

NOTE! All features are made in accordance to my point of view of the balance, models look and ect. If you disagree with smth - feel free to adjust it in your way. The source of the mod is open to all as long as you are not using it for your own mod creation (except for home use) or do not upload modified ACM stuff.

Please read the forum thread for more info on recent updates.

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  • unpack the archive to your SOTS folder.
  • make sure that your game root contains ACM folder and ACM folder contains TECHTREE, WEAPONS, EFFECTS, SOUNDS, SPECIES, DATA, GUI, LOCALE folders.
  • open SOTS.ini with notepad and replace [Modules] block with this one:


  • Steam users and Vista users!!! Please use the link found on the first page of ACM thread in order to solve possible problems with installation of ACM mod.


  • current version of ACM BOB requires patch 1.53 to be applied to SOTS BOB version!!! Note that this version of ACM is no longer supported.
  • current version of ACM AMOC requires patch 1.67 to be applied to SOTS AMOC version!!!
  • current version of ACM ANY requires ANY expansion or Ultimate Collection (1.71) to be installed!!!
  • You must delete old ACM folder before installation to ensure proper working if this mod.
  • This mod is incompatible with any other modifications as it introduces many new items and changes many old files!
  • ACM introduces many changes and new features that could cause problems in scenarios and tutorials. It is advisable to remove reference to ACM mod if you wish to play them.


1. using gunships.

These ships come in three types - light gunships, medium gunships and heavy gunship. Zuul use a little bit different gunship that is called gunboat. All gunships are fast and very manoeuvrable. They can easily dodge incoming shots and outrun some missiles! It is not easy to manoeuvre at high speeds, so sometimes accidents could occur. To prevent gunships from colliding each other separate them to different wings or attack different targets. It is recommended to include few gunships in your planetary defence fleets. They are ideal for scouting, intercepting bombers, bio-wars, dropship carriers and their riders. Medium and heavy gunships equipped with ion cannons, burst cannons or any beam weapon could be very dangerous to any enemy vessel.

When fighting enemy gunships switch to 'pursue' stance and enjoy real gunship dogfighting! Against other ships it is recommended to utilise 'close range' stance. This will allow your gunships to manoeuvre. AI uses gunships mainly for planetary defence. This is a cheap, but very effective choice to defend a planet that suddenly comes under attack. Use emitters, beam weapons, blasters and missiles (with upgraded speed) to shot down enemy gunships as other weapons will have difficulties with targeting them! Dense mine fields and area effect weapons are also effective against packs of enemy gunships. The most pleasing thing about gunships is that they do not require any maintenance (except Zuul gunboats) at all!

Gunships in AMOC.

When AMOC has introduced drones in SOTS gunships became a bit obsolete. Instead of removing them i decided to give them a role of police cutters. Humans, Liir, Hivers and Tarka are using the basic gunship with 4 small turrets as a police cutter (new drive types unlock faster and better armored versions). Zuul does not need any police cutters. Their gunboat is still available for use. In addition this ship is also used by randomly generated Zuul pirates! Morrigi are using their original police cutter instead. All police cutters are available from start for all races, so there should not be any morale problems in ACM AMOC.

2. dropships.

When employing these weapons remember few things:

  • dropships are single-shot weapons that will never return to your shuttle carrier.
  • dropships are very expensive and fragile. Do not throw them at enemy colony without protection.
  • zuul have no ability to capture planets.
  • zuul are immune to dropships.
  • it takes few turns for a dropship (former assimilation plague missile) to take control over planet.

3. planet assaults.

Since all weapons have reduced damage to planets to successfully destroy an enemy colony you will have to bring different anti-planet weapons into battle. Torpedoes, bombs, dropships, wraiths (Zuul only), assault shuttles, bio-weapons and neutron weapons are designed to deal more damage to planets than other weapons (mass driver kills 10 people per hit for example and nuclear torpedo kills 10000 per hit).

In order to balance this reduction of anti-planet fire power planet missiles were totally removed from the game.

DE and CR armor sections and DN standard command sections now carry special bomb launchers that fire salvoes of deadly bombs. This is the most cheap and effective way of defeating your enemies, however each bombardment causes some damage to planet`s quality.

4. ship explosion damage.

Every mission and engine section of all races have the area effect explosion that damages nearby ships. Bombers, torpedo DE, ER, tankers, engine sections and missile DE have a greater damage and range than any other section.

5. new weapons.

There is a lot of new weapons in ACM ranging from tiny low-power energy lances to devastating mass drivers and stellar converter! Some of the weapons (mostly for projector mount) can have a different icon border color (yellow, red, green or blue).

Techtree has 7 different tech-branches dedicated to weapons. They are ballistic, missile, torpedoes, mines, energy, plasma and particle weapons.

Energy weapons include: blasters, emitters, lasers (long range beam weapons), energy lances (low-power, but cheap beam weapons) and phasers.

Plasma weapons include: plasma cannon, hvy plasma cannon, plasma projector, plasma-blast cannon, plasma beam, fusion blaster, fusion beam, mauler device and stellar converter.

Particle weapons include: particle cannon, pulse particle cannon, particle accelerator cannon, particle beam, neutron beams, neutron blaster, deathray, ion cannon, ion-pulse cannon. AMOC beta also has new particle weapons such as ion-beam accelerator and disintegrator beam.

Standard torpedoes (nuke, plasma, fusion, am) are now missile-based weapons that have great range and damage. Old torpedoes are now high-tech weapons called plasma-ball (fusion-ball, am-ball) torpedoes. These torps cannot be targeted by any weapon.

Disrupters and photons now each have an additional torpedo - Quantum torpedo and Proton torpedo. First one is a long range shield breaker weapon. The second is a high-velocity torpedo that penetrates deflector fields.

COL weapons do not have a drone launcher any more. The default COL is now a huge cluster bomb that scatters a lot of mini-bombs over a large area. Bombs explode simultaneously creating a devastating mega explosion.

Projector mounts can be equipped either with 3-barrelled versions of any large weapon (icons with red border), specialized projector weapon (such as plasma spitter or meson projector), 2-barrelled direct torpedo launcher (icon with green border) or any heavy beam weapon (icon with blue border. Heavy laser and mass driver require additional research in order to be mounted in projector turret). Note that projector sections require "super-heavy turrets" or "heavy weapons platforms" research.

Beam platforms can be equipped with the same range of weapons except 2-b torpedo launchers.

Double-barrelled weapons use the same turret size as their single-barrelled weapon, such weapons have a distinctive yellow border of their icons. These weapons become available after researching advanced small, medium and large turrets and effectively double the power of each weapon. Note that you have to research a weapon itself to get its 2b version. There is a very important thing on these weapons - they only get an additional barrel to its size, not for all sizes above.

The following weapons are used as secondary point-defence weapons: light and medium emitters, light and medium energy lances, light laser cannon, phasor. These weapons will automatically hunt down enemy seeker, drone and mine weapons thus greatly increasing survivability of CRs and DNs.

6. technologies.

Different races have different chances to develop particular weapon types.

Zuul are totaly uncreative. They get 50% for any non-core tech, however they have good chances at discovering particle (especialy neutron) weapons. Zuul will try to develop any available weapon that they are able to.

Liir have almost 100% chances at discovering particle weapons (especially ion) and emitter weapons but they are not good in plasma techs. Lasers, fusion and ballistics are of little interest to them.

Humans have better chances with lasers, basic cannons and are good in missiles, but particles and plasma are less understandable for them. They will also develop fusion techs if these will be available to them.

Hivers are plasma-masters. They are totally uncreative in particle and energy techs and rarely will bother researching these weapons.

Tarkas are energy experts, they are almost similar to humans, but they have much greater chances for phasers and fusion weapons (that are late energy-plasma weapons).

Morrigi have 75% chances for all techs that are not core.

7. Defence platforms.

All defence platforms can now replace their missile launchers with normal weapons of the same size (DE defplat can be equipped with plasma cannon instead of its launchers for example). Note that humans use specialized defence platforms for missile weapons.

There are also new types of defence platforms - CR beam platform, CR drone platform and DN siege platform.

  • Beam satellites are equipped with a single heavy weapon (heavy beam, projector or 3-barrelled large weapon) mounted in a huge turret and some missile launchers. Turret can rotate 180 degrees around its axis and barrel is able to pivot +- 30 degrees up and down. This allows a platform to engage any incoming threats.

  • Drone platform carries 8 drones and some weapons for protection. They less armoured than their normal cousins and might not survive a direct assault. Note that drone platforms were first introduced in ACM AMOC and were not changed since then even after ANY introduced their drone platforms. You can still build only CR drone platforms in ACM!

  • Siege platforms are DN based expensive platforms that carry a single siege-class weapon and limited number of other weapons. This is the most advanced anti-capital ship defence platform available in ACM. Believe me, you`ll need those.

  • All these platforms (except siege) have no point-defence or small weapons at all (except human) and therefore are ideal targets for torpedoes, missiles and drones/gunships. Zuul siege platforms are equiped with additional 4 large turrets and no pd defence at all.

8. Point-defence.

ACM introduces many new homing threats such as new heavy missiles (nuclear, fusion, am) and devastating torpedoes. To deal with these menaces players will have to develop various anti-missile measures or adopt special tactics such as gunships hunting missiles or DE escorts fitted with basic pds. Basic pds are pd cannons that are available form start and weapons that act as secondary pd weapons (see '5. new weapons' above).

9. Auto Resolve.

It is highly recommended to participate in any major combat mission, because auto resolve does not always bring desired results. For example - bombers under direct human control can cause much greater damage to enemy colony as they would during auto-resolve...

10. Longer research.

ACM has increased research costs (almost 10 times than normal!). This was made in order to make low-level technologies to be used for longer period. You`ll have to spend a lot of time using fission-level techs before you can take advantage of fusion ones.

Due to heavily race-dependency of most weapon based techs it is impossible for a single player to research all of the weapons and techs in ACM. Use salvage ships (destroyer class R&S was specially designed for this task), make friends and create joint projects to aquire desired weapons and other missed techs.

11. DOOMSTARS - no longer present in ACM!


ACM introduces two additional drone classes into the gameplay. Note that these drones were introduced before ANY and ACM doesn`t use ANY`s drones.

Light Combat Drone is available in fission era. It carries only one weapon and is quite fragile.

Advanced Combat Drone becomes available in fusion era. It carries two weapons.

Heavy Combat Drone is available in anti-matter era. It carries a single medium weapon and additional armor.

Morrigi light drone is actually an advanced drone with three small mounts. They can research only heavy combat drones (which carries 2 small and 1 medium weapon!).

Zuul drone is a heavy combat drone by default. They cannot research any other drone classes.

All drones have their firing arc reduced to 30 degree radius (from almost 90 deg by default). This makes drone combat more spectacular as drones only fire when advancing at enemy and when pointing at the enemy during fly-by.

ACM also introduces specialized drone defence platforms that provide planetary defenders with a valuable support of drone squadrons (once again a pre-ANY feature).

13. ARMOR.

Armor in ACM was slightly improved and ballistics were even renamed: tritanium, zortrium, neutronium, adamantium. Ballistic armors provide larger bonuses to HP (+25%, +50%, +100%, +200%) and reflecting has better deflection bonuses.

Majority of ships and stations in ACM can no longer have ballistic and reflective armors simultaneously, however all section can pick any level of armor without any exceptions.

Only armor sections of all three sizes (including human command armor sections), flagships and doomstars can pick both types of armor.

Zuul consider all their sections (command, mission and engine) as armor and can use both types of armor. This gives them a very large bonus and makes them very dangerous.

Stealth armor is considered to be either ballistic or reflecting by different races. Liir and Morrigi can pick stealth armor in addition to any other.

Drones and assault shuttles can pick any level of armor. This makes AM-are drones with medium mounts and adamantium armor one of the most dangerous weapons as they will effectively deflect most of pd weapons. Beware of Zuul drones as they can use both types of armor!


Far before development of ACM i tried to create some race-dependent weapons for vanilla SOTS. With the BOB expansion my primitive weapon modificationss found their place amoung new human models. Through the course of ACM`s development many of these weapons received their own technologies, models, better effects. Now almost every weapon in ACM has been modified by either changing weapon data or effect or model.

Here is a list of all available weapons in ACM:

Blaster weapons

Blasters were amoung the first race-dependent weapons i created. Each race have the same basic blaster (pale red) that shots one low-powered projectile. Researching advanced blasters gives all races their own blaster weapons for small and medium mounts. Blaster cannons for large mounts are available from the start.

   basic blaster. A low-powered single shot energy weapon. This is the chiepest weapon available in ACM, so it is good to equip civilian and non-military ships with this weapon to minimize its cost. There is also a large varian of this weapon.
   human blasters. These are auto-fire energy weapons with red effect that deal average damage, have good recharge rate, range and accuracy. Advanced blasters tech unlocks a unique chainblaster weapon for human medium mounts. This weapon is actually a very fast firing small advanced blaster.
   tarka blasters. Tarkas use the same blaster weapons as humans except for a weapon for medium mount. This one is also an automatic weapon that deals more than double damage of its smaller variant.
   liir blaster. Liir blasters are also auto-fire weapons, but thier shots come out from a barrel at much greater rates. Such high fire rates ensures that all 3 blue shots of these weapons land at the same spot with minimal deviation.
   hiver blasters. Also known as sniper blasters for their great range and good accuracy. These weapons fire a single green energy bolt that deals moderate damage to its target.
   zuul blasters. A simple but crude weapon system that deals the most damage amoung all other blasters. Zuul like to equip their gunboats with lots of these blasters. The combination of gunboats maneuvreability and blasters considerable punch creates a very deadly threat to freighters, cnc ships and other non-military targets.
   morrigi blasters. Extremely fast and accurate energy weapons that can deal with almost any type of high-speed targets such as DEs, police cutters, drones and swarmers.
   point defence blaster. Excelent point-defence weapon that has very good fire rate and accuracy. The drawback of this weapon is its relatively low damage compared to basic cannon pd.

Energy lance weapons

Energy lances or cutters or lancer as they are also called are low-powered cheap weapons that are based on energy cutters commonly used in mining operations. Weaponised versions are instant-fire short range beam weapons with high recharge rate.

   light energy lance. This weapon is a small sized beamer that has a very good targetting speed and recharge rate making it ideal at dealing with enemy drones, gunships and even some of the light hommer weapons.
   energy lance. Heavier version of the light energy lance weapon. It has larger energy capacitors and advance emitter that can generate a more powerful beam. Weapon targetting speed allows this weapon to act as a secondary pd weapon effectively protecting it amainst missiles and even some torpedoes.
   heavy energy lance. Large sized energy lance weapon. Has increased damage and range, but lacks targetting speed of its smaller cousins.
   lancer. The largest weapon of all energy lances. This weapon requires heavy beam mounts to be used.

Emitter weapons

Emitters or lightning guns as they are also called fires intense bolts of electricity that have an abbility to bounce off the target and hit nearby objects.

   light emitter. Light emitter weapon that fires low-powered "lightning bolts" at its targets. Bolts have enough power to "jump" between few targets which makes light emitters a good secondary pd weapon. This weapon is especially good at fighting drones and other small targets.
   emitter. Medium emitter weapon that fires moderate-powered "lightning bolts" at its targets. Bolts have enough power to "jump" between several targets which makes emitters a good secondary pd weapon. This weapon is especially good at fighting drones and other small targets.
   heavy emitter. Larger emitter weapon that fires high-powered "lightning bolts" at its targets. Bolts have enough power to "jump" between large numbers of targets. This weapon is especially good at fighting destroyers and dence packs of enemy ships, however it has low abbilities to target smaller ships.
   thunderbolt emitter. Super heavy emitter weapon that fires extremely high-powered "lightning bolt" at its target. Bolt is desighed to strike a single target, but in some cases it can bounce off and hit another nearby target.
   thunderstorm emitter. Siege class emitter weapon that creates deadly lightning storms when it contacts atmosphere of a planet. The power of the bolt is so immence that it can easily fight dreadnaughts and other large ships. The bolt is primaritly desighed to combat single targets, but sometimes a several other targets can be caught by it resulting in devastating effect to all of them.

Laser weapons

Lasers are medium range instant fire beam weapons that start from a weapon for a large mount and then advances in both ways - to the larger and heavier versions and to the smaller and more compact versions.

   laser cannon. This is a large beam weapon with average damage, range and rate of fire. The first among laser to be available for development.
   light laser cannon. This is a compact version of laser cannon that deals less damage than its larger cousin, but it is compensated by an ability to put these weapons on medium mounts. LLC can act like a secondary pd weapon.
   heavy laser cannon. This is a heavy beam weapon that uses laser technologies. Quite deadly when used in masses, but have some major drawbacks one of each is being an instant fire. It requires some additional attention and micromanagement in order to aim HLCs at their targets with maximum effect.
   assault laser. A large super-heavy turreted weapon that is based over its predecessor the heavy laser cannon. An ability to target enemies in wider arc of fire than of a fixed weapon makes this weapon a deadly addition to your CR and DN arsenal.
   siege laser. The largest of lasers, the father of lasers!. A single shot from this enormous weapon can cut a huge hole in enemy DNs. This weapon is mainly being used on vary large ships such as siege DNs and doomstars or mounted on specialized sattelites. Siege weapons deal extreme damage to planetary population.
   point-defence laser. This is the only beam weapon entirely dedicated to protections of the ship from enemy seekers, drones and other such threats.

Plasma weapons

Plasma weapons fire slow moving balls that contain overheated plasma. These plasmoids are very effective at medium ranges after which they begin to lose their damage potential as fields containing plasma dessipates releasing portions of plasma into space. These weapons are also a bit inaccurate, but damage per shot compensates this issue fairly.

    plasma cannon and plasma-burst cannon. These two are similar in function. Both weapons fire the same type of plasmoids with a very little difference in accuracy, damage and range characteristics. Plasma-burst cannon hurls three plasmoids in rapid sucession making it a good choice against larger enemy ships where large size of target will ensure direct hits.
   plasma blast cannon. This large mount weapon hurls a very unstable plasmoid at enemy target. Special systems incorporated into this weapon frame can pre-calculate estimated target`s position to ensure that tis slow moving plasmoid detonates near its target. The resulting explosion can damage multiple objects in its reach. Not that this weapon produces a very unstable plasmoid that will detonate by slightless fluctuation of magnetic field. This means that this weapon can be effectively stopped by any type of shield including deflectors\disruptors.
   plasma sppitter. This projector mounted weapon "spitts" large number of small plasmoids towards the target in a very rapid succession. The resulting "spray" is devastating against tightly packed ships or fast moving targets.
   plasma beam. This heavy beam weapon generates a stream of super heated plasma that deals great damage to enemy ships. This weapon can be used as a projector mounted version without additional research.
   plasma annihilator. A siege class weapon that fires a very large plasmoid. This plasmoid acts like the one that plasma blast cannon has, with the only difference that plasma unleashed upon explosion can meld down whole cruisers and even some drednaughts. Against planets the effect of this weapon is even more devastating resulting in catastrophic damage to planet quality and billions of deaths of population.
   polaryzed plasmatics. This upgrade cancels the effect of dissipation of all plasmoid launching weapons (except plasma annihilator) by encapsulating plasma inside a stable field. This field also allows a weapon to accelerate plasmoids to greater speeds resulting in increased accuracy. In addition the field always collapses at the point it touches the surface of the target resulting in a focused stream of plasma melting through armor and structure of the target. Shielded plasma weapons (or polaryzed as they are also called sometimes) penetrate any type of armor with ease making it a very good choice against hiver and tarka heavily armored ships (these weapons ignore hp bonuses that ships get for ballistic upgrades or in other words deal damage multiplyed by armor bonus).

Fusion weapons

Fusion weapons are similar to plasma weapons with the only main difference that instead of plasma these weapons use more powerful fusion reaction. These weapons have distinctive yellow-orange colour and consist mainly of beam class weapons.

   fusion blaster. This is a small energy-based weapon that fires orange-blue bolt that contains a tiny fusion reaction within it. Weapons accuracy and speed are quite low, but its damage is comparable to plasma cannon! Fusion blaster wil have great difficulties targetting fast moving enemies.
   fusion beam. A beam class large weapon that fires pulsating streams of fusion energy.
   heavy fusion beam. A heavy beam class weapon that fires pulsating streams of fusion energy. This weapon is very powerful, but its fixed mounting neams that it will have difficulties targetting fast and small ships. However you can place it on projector mount if you have researched super-heavy turrets.
   mauler device. The most deadliest of all fusion weapons. This super-heavy turreted weapon fires a huge bolt inside which a powerful and unstable fusion reaction is taking place. The shot detonates when it reaches its target vaporizing it and all nearby ships in a huge fusion explosion.
   stellar converter. This is the most descructive and expensive weapon in ACM. It can be mounted only on a siege dreadnaught, doomstar or special platform. The stream of extreamly powerful fusion energy this weapon produces melts down dreadnaughts, doomstars and even small planetoids is one shot!

Phased weapons

Phased weapons are late fusion/early am energy/fusion weapons.

   phased blaster. A small weapon that fires bursts of phased energy. Very accurate and very deadly.
   phaser. A medium sized beam weapon that has good rate of fire and damage.

Particle weapons

Particle weapons have some very specific properties. First of all all of the particle weapons are shield piercing (do not confuse particle weapons with neutron and ion. Although being in the same weapon group they differ greatly. Desintegrator beam have no such properties).

   particle cannon. This cannon fires bolt of overcharged particles at very long range. These particles can penetrate any kind of shield or field defences, but will be stopped by special hard shield defences. Particle cannon is a sniper weapon that has difficulties targetting enemy targets at close ranges. It should be combined with other weapons designed for close combat or be used on fast ships that can easily outrun enemies.
   pulse particle cannon. A recent addition to ACM. This weapon fires three bursts of low-powered particle cannon projectiles and is designed to compensate its predecessor`s inafficiency at short ranges.
   particle accelerator cannon. This super heavy cannon consists of several particle pulse cannons combined into one weapon. PAC fires these cannons in rapid succession creating a spray of particle bolts that penetrate shields. A drawback of this powerful weapon is low accuracy of its particle cannons and short range compared to particle cannon.
   particle beam. Uses almost the same principles as particle cannon, but fires a stream of particles instead of bolts. This reduces its predecessor`s inaccuracy issues, but limits range and recharge rate a bit. This weapon has the same shield piercing capabilities as particle cannon.
   positron beam. Huge particle beam that fires a stream of positrons instead of particles used in its smaller cousins. Positrons have a greater lifespan that dramatically increases this weapon`s range. Shield penetration capabilities are also present.
   meson projector. A highly advanced version of basic particle cannon that is mounted in super heavy turrets. It fires large bolts of mesons. Mesons tend to increase their potential over time which means that all three projectiles launched by meson projector deal much greater damage at longer ranges. In addition mesons are good at penetrating shields and fields.
   desintegrator beam. A unique super heavy particle weapon that generates large stable tunnel between weapon muzzle and target ship that is used as an additional particle accelerator. It takes some time to create such tunnel, so this weapon must remain focused at its turgeted until particles are launched.

Neutron weapons

Neutron weapons are a special type of particle weapons that utilizes leathal neutron particles. These weapons have greatly increased damage to planetary populations. Unlike other particle weapons neutron weapons have no shield penetration capabilities.

   neutron beam. A large beam weapon that has good range, damage and fire rate. Deadly against planetary population.
   heavy neutron beam. A heavy beam weapon that has greater range and damage but slower fire rate than smaller versios of this weapon. Extremely deadly against planetary population.
   deathray. A siege-class beam weapon that is commonly used to cleanse planets of its population. This weapon can also be mounted on a siege sattelite to act as a very effective planet defence weapon. However it is a very high risk to do so as a misfired shot from this weapon that hits your planet could cause more devastation than an invasion fleet it is used to defend against.
   neutron blaster. Unlike other neutron weapons this super heavy weapon fires bolts of neutron particles at very high rate. These bolts are equally deadly against planetary population and any ships that were unlucky to be caught by weapons fire.

Ion weapons

Another branch of particle weapons that shot ion particles to overcharge enemy ship`s power systems. Ions have no shield piercing capabilities, but some certain ion weapons can create a huge EM explosion that can overload ships defences.

   ion cannon. A very inaccurate medium sized weapon that overloads weapon recharge systems effectively disabling them for a short period.
   ion pulse cannon. A larger ion weapon that fires large bolts of charged ions. This bolts detonate in close proximity releasing massive bursts of overcharged ions that overload whole ships power systems including drives and any kind of defences.
   ion-beam accelerator. This is an ltimate ion-based particle weapon that uses combined technologies on ion accelerators, energy lance weapons and lightning emitters to produce a stable stream of accelerated overcharged ions. This beam has shorter range than other ion cannons, but it successfuly removes the main problem of all particle weapons - their bad accuracy.

Gravity manipulation weapons

This weapon class covers all gravity weapons that can be developed in Magnetism tech branch. All of these weapons affect ships movements in some ways.

   tractor beam. A large weapon that does no significant physical damage to its targter. Its main goal it to hold enemy ship in possition or move it to a different location. Some trained tractor beam crews take a lot of fun at catapulting enemy ships into other ships over even planets.
   graviton beam. A large weapon similar to tractor beam for its tractor effect, but having some unique properties in addition to it. Graviton beam deals damage to all sections simultaneously rather than to a section it hits.
   pulsed graviton beam. An advanced version of graviton beam that fires gravito waves in high frequency pulses. This is very harmfull for weapon turret joints as these are not designed to withstand such tremendous gravity fluctuations.
   inertial cannon. Each projectile this weapon shots consists of a contained gravitic field that slows targets acceleration rates and reduces its maximum speed. Each hit increases the effect that is slowly dissipates over time.
   heavy inertial cannon. Large vesrion of the same cannon that fires bursts of three shots of inertial fields.

Ballistic weapons

Ballistic weapons come in two groups - basic cannons and massdrivers. Basic cannons fire shells in tradition way, while massdrivers utilize hyper advanced electromagnetic accelerators. Massdrivers require antimater drives to be researched, so they are purely mid-later AM weapons.

  Basic, heavy and battle cannons. These are standard projectile weapons for small, medium and large mounts accordingly that deal a lot of damage, but suffer greatly from inaccuracies.
   heavy explosive cannon. This cannon fires shells that contain shrapnel and explosives. When such shell reaches its target (or comes nearby it) it produces an explosion and launches multiple shrapnel rounds in all directions.
   burst cannon and heavy burst cannon. Increased rate of fire of these ballistic weapons makes them ideal for hunting down fast moving or small targets. Burst cannons fire large bursts of projectiles at enemy target tearing it apart. Heavy burst cannon is a projector type weapon that fires heavy cannon rounds in great numbers. Basic burst cannon can be extremely friendly-fire hazardous especially when used against enemy police cutters or drones!
   sniper cannon. A small sized ballistic weapon that fires a very fast projectile over extremely long ranges. This weapon tends to lose its effectiveness at medium and short ranges. It is better be used on torpedo\spinal or cnc\deep scan\jammer ships as these vessels rarely partisipate in close combat.
  massdrivers. These weapons come in many types: massdrivers for all available turret and mount types and railcannons that launch solid slugs over long ranges at high speeds, leecher driver that overloads enemy ship`s systems and disrupts its weapon recharge abilities, shield breaker driver which is used to collapse any type of shield (including deflector\disruptor), thumper driver that pushes enemy vessels in opposite direction, shotgun\stormer drivers that fire large volleys of projectiles and siege drivers that hurl destroyer-size slugs at enemy planets.
   turreted massdrivers. All heavy massdrivers that would be normaly installed on barrage, battlebridge or assault sections can be used on projector mounts after researching this improvement. This gives such massdriver weapons as heavy massdriver, shotgun driver and stormer driver much greater coverage boosting their effectiveness.
   ap rounds. This upgrade can be researched to increase effectiveness of all basic cannons (except sniper and he cannon) against armored targets. Neutronium rounds can be applied to all ballistic weapons be it a basic cannon or a siege driver (!!!).
    AR technics. This upgrade increases weapon reload time of all ballistic weapons.
    neutronium rounds. This upgrade increases mass of each projectile weapon shots and damage that it deals. It also reduces richochette chances for all ballistic weapons.
   armor-piercing mass drivers (not yet available in mod). Mass driver cannons fire round solid balls of highly dence materials that can crush enemy armor upon impact. However this impact wont fully penetrate enemy armor. With the development of lower-caliber massdrivers that fire sharpened slugs instead of balls each shot from such weapon can easily penetrate through the thickiest of armors (acting like polyrized plasmatics). The drawback is reduced mass and damage of the weapon.

Missile weapons

Missile weapons were always the best way to destroy maneuverable targets at very long distances due to abbilities to track their targets. All missiles benefit from the majority of the upgrades.

   basic missiles. Basic chemical missiles are small and compact seeker weapons that can engage targets at long ranges. The drawbacks of these weapons are fragile frames of the missiles and their lack of retargetting abbility.
    advanced warheads. All missiles (except acid and nano) can be upgraded to deal greater damage by researching improved and advanced warheads. These upgrades apply automaticaly when they are researched without need to redesign ships.
  large missiles (nuke, fusion, am). Heavier missiles carrying more powerful warheads. These weapons require larger turrets to be mounted. Large missile has increased armor plating for better withstanding of pd fire. In addition it has a built in system that automatical picks up another enemy target if its previous was destroyed.
   large missiles (acid, nanites). Heavier missiles carrying special area of effect warheads that produce clouds of acidic materiels or swarms of nanites in an area it was detonated. These weapons require larger turrets to be mounted. Large missile has increased armor plating for better withstanding of pd fire. In addition these weapons can be fired indirectly at any location. This is used to produce a defencive "wall" of acid or nanite clouds. Such missiles do not benefit from warhead upgrades.
    large missiles (kinetic, multi-warhead). Advanced heavier missiles which are desighed to evade enemy point defence fire. Multi-warhead missile detonates few hundred meters near the target splitting into several smaler warheads. These warheads move at high speed constantly rotating to make enemy pd fire less effective. Kinetic missile is launched high\low above the plane where enemy pd fire has little chances of getting a lock on it. Missile then suddenly turnes toward its target and accelerates and ultra high speed. Impact of this missile is so strong that it pushes enemy ship in opposite direction for a short distance producing additional structure damage. This missile is a very usefull tool to combat enemy fixed weapons ships as it will deny enemies a proper lock with their weapons.
   guided missiles. Basic medium-sized missiles that were given retargetting abillity. These missiles deal slightly less damage, but abillity to retarget compensates this fairly.
   dumb fire rockets. These are direct fire missile weapons that are being launched in salvoes. These missiles benefit both from neutronium rounds and warhead upgrades (except drives upgrades) as it both utilizes a solid metal cone to penetrate armor and powerful explosive warhead to deal damage to structure of the ship.
   interceptor missiles. These missiles are desighed to combat drones, droppods, assault shuttles, bio-missiles, boarding pods, mines and swarmers. They are unable to target torpedo weapons.


Mines are great when you are defending your colonies againts slow moving fleets of CRs or DNs. Just be sure to lure your enemy into your trap and enjoy spectacular fireworks as enemy fleet gets blown to pieces by mines.

  nuclear, fusion and antimatter mines. Standart mines that will slowly float towards enemy ships that passes in close proximity to them.
   leaping mine. An advanced mine that has numerous tiny thrusters. These mines will "rush" towards the emeny ship in a straight line. Leapers are slightly more difficult for point-defence weapons to lock on.
   cloaked mine. An invisible mine that can be spot only by deepscan ships. Such mines deal less damage that normal ones, but they have a very good survivability rates as its preys normaly cannon detect it.
   implosion mine. This mines generate powerful gravity field that pulls ships towards the mine. A special fusion charge installed in the mine creates a very hot plasmoid that detonates when pulled in ship touches it.
   gravity mine. A basic gravity mine that generates very powerful gravity fields. These fields constantly pull in everything that passes in their area of effect including ships, missiles and other items.

Direct fire torpedo weapons

Direct fire torpedoes fire pulses of energy at their targets. Some of these weapons have unique properties such as disrupters or qvantum torpedoes. Almost all direct fire torpedoes can be equiped on super-heavy mounts (projector mounts) as double barrelled launchers. This greatly increases their chances to hit the enemy targets and increases their rate of fire considerably as ship has no longer to face the enemy in order to fire torpedoes.

  photonic torpedo. This weapon fires three fast moving balls of photonic particles at long ranges. Due to the unique nature of the photons these torpedoes can be stopped by both deflector and disruptor fields.
  proton torpedo. This weapon launches three bolts of proton particles. Proton torpedoes are designed to bypass enemy deflector fields. However they can be countered by disruptor fields that can easily dessipate protonic particles.
  mesonic torpedo. Mesonic torpedoes fire in bursts of three per salvo. This weapon has an exeptionaly long ranges (over 3500!). Unlike photonic and protonic particles mesonic particles cannot be stoped by any kind of deflector/disruptor field. In addition it bypasses any known shield defences except especially hardened shields. Note that meson particles require some time to get to their full strength, so this weapon will deal increased damage at long ranges and not as much on short distances.
  disruptor torpedo. An energy-based weapon that hurls a bolt of electrical energy. This weapon can disrupt weapons on a section that it hits by overloading their power generators.
  emp torpedo. A larger and more powerful version of common disruptor torpedo. This weapon not only capable of reloading all power systems of a ship, but also possesses a unique to direct fire torpedoes area of effect ability. This weapon can and will disable any king of field or shield defence systems by overloading an entire power generation system of the ship. Note that EMP torpedo mounted in a projector turret will fire only one projectile instead of two as other direct fire torpedo weapons.
  qvantum torpedo. A special weapon that fires large projectile containing qvantums. Upon hit these qvantums are released in a massive burst that instantly burns out all types of shield systems. This weapon deals almost no damage to the hull of the ship.
  gluonic torpedo. This weapon acts much like proton torpedo, but in addition to deflector penetration ability gluonic torpedo can also circumvent energy absorbers.
  kelvenic torpedo. A high-tech torpedo weapon that distabilizes molecular structure of target ship making its armor and structure less resistant to following weapon fire. To maximize damage potential of this weapon it is reccomended to use it with heavy beams or other high-powered weapons.

Guided torpedo weapons

These weapons come in variety of large missile-like torpedo systems and some rare energy-based homming torpedoes.

 nuclear, plasma, fusion and anti-matter torpedoes. These are classic homming weapons representing a large missile-like torpedo. It has a powerfull drive, advanced guidance and detection systems that allow it to seek for enemy ships and retarged to a new threat if necessary and large fuel storages to ensure that it will reach any target. Explosive warhead used in those weapons produces a directed explosion that tears apart target ship`s armor layers and structure.
 plasma, fusion and anti-matter detonating (high explosive) torpedoes. These torpedoes are using the same missile chassis as classic torpedoes. The only realy difference is in its warheads. Instead of producing a directed forward explosion these warheads detonate in a huge explosion damaging everything in its way. This weapon can be fired at specific location rather than on a ship or other space body.
 plasma, fusion, anti-matter ball torpedoes. These are high tech torpedoe weapons utilizing advanced gravity generation systems and field fenerators to create a homming ball or capsule of energy field containing plasma, fusion or am reaction withing it. This capsule is then launched at its target at high speed. Ball-torpedoes are less powerful than their missile-like equivalents, but these torpedoes cannot be shot down by any means.
  pulsar torpedo. Utilizing the same principles as ball-torpedoes this emp-type weapon fires a homming ball of disruptive energy that overloads target ship`s systems for a longer peroid of time than other EMP-based torpedoes.


Introduction of many new race-dependent features impacted heavily on playing style of all races. First of all a new techtree divided the majority of weapon techs by 5 races (zuul and morrigi are somewhat similar in tech availability). Each race was granted with excelent odds in particular weapon tech branch, while other branches were "cut off" for them by significantly lowering the odds. Here i`ll try to explain what specifics each race possesses in ACM.


By replacing all human models i`ve almost created a whole new race with its own unique style of playing.

  • drones can no longer be used in flock COLs. For this type of COL ACM has a very tiny vessel called gunbot that consist of a weapon a drive and simple electronics. COLs launch these gunbots in a group of 12.
  • humans use laser, missile and ballistic weapons as their race-dependent weapons. They also are good in developing homming torpedoes. Particle, plasma and emitter weapons are uncommon for humans.
  • human ships have a unique ship configuration. Their command sections are positioned either on top of their mission (DE, CR) or between mission and engine sections (DN).
  • humans have special missile sections for DEs and CRs. These are the only sections that can use any missile based weapons (normal missiles and dumb fire rockets). Human missile DEs fire 4 missiles per salvo and missile sections for CRs can launch up to 4 heavy/corr/nano missiles! All human DN command sections (except for AI) also have an ability to launch multiple missiles. This gives humans a very significant advantage over other races.
  • humans have some real problems with shooting down enemy homing warfare. Until getting proper PD sections human players will experience great difficulties with enemy torps and mines. The most vulnerable ships are CRs that have VERY low number of small mounts for PD weapons. However humans get the best chances to researched beam-based pd weapon.
  • humans do not use CR and DN bio-war ships. Instead their bio-war DEs carry 2 missiles per ship and humans are the only race capable of carrying 6 assault shuttles/droppods on assault shuttle cruiser (called invader, BTW).
  • human speed and manoeuvrability strongly depends on what comm section they are using. Standard comm provides the best bonuses both for S and M until AI fire control section becomes available. Other comm sections have lower bonuses. The worst bonuses are provided by armoured sections... Killing comm section will dramatically reduce ships navigational abilities!
  • human engine and comm sections for DEs and CRs do not provide as much new turret mounts as other races` (drives for DEs do not have any turrets at all!) All human fire-power is concentrated on mission sections. Killing mission section will render any DE or CR almost totally helpless.
  • human DE deep scan is using a mission section instead of comm one. This provides a DE deep scan with a much better sensor range than any other race has. Even human CR DS has smaller sensor range.
  • due to specific weapons concentration all human combat sections have some additional weapons added. For example, human CR projector section has 1 proj, 2 large, 4 medium and 1 small turrets. If combined with any engine section and for example with a hammerhead section this CR will have 1 proj, 2 large, 5 medium and 5 small turrets that in total is better than any other race pre-am projector cr combination...
  • humans have slightly better orbital defences than other races (except zuul, of cause). All their missile based sats have some additional missile launchers and drone/beam/torp defplats are using medium and small turrets in addition to their special weapons.
  • humans are the only race that can use special torpedo and missile cruisers. They also have a unique light armor cruiser armed with bomb launchers and lots of mediums.
  • some human cruisers and dreadnaughts can be equiped with fixed large weapons in addition to other ordnance they have. These weapons are strafe mount versions or normal large weapons.
  • human flagship requires super-heavy turrets tech in order to be used (projectors). This ship has 17 small, 10 medium, 8 large and 2 projector mounts and no heavy beams or torps.
  • human DE and CR ships cannot use hammerhead sections. Instead they are using unique armored command section that greatly increases HP of the ships and gives it an ability to withstand more hits to command sections. This comes in the cost of speed and maneouvreability.


Tarkas have no major difference from their originals. The only difference is in tech availability.

  • tarkas are experts of fusion techs. They get fusion related weapons with much greater odds than other races. In addition they are particially good in lasers, ballistics and plasma weapons. Energy lances are their favorite pre-fusion weapons too. Tarkas have greater chances to develop photon/proton torpedoes. They have bad chances to get emp torps, but are perticulary good at disruptors.
  • tarkas should research some secondary pd weapons or\and specialized pd section as their anti-missile protection is quite bad. Energy lance, burst cannon and emitter can help to solve this problem.
  • tarkas ships have good maneuvrability. Their spinal DEs equiped with finest large weapons and supported by disruptor torpedo DEs can be a very dangerous threat to enemy slow moving cruisers (especially hivers and morrigi). Tarkas gunships have the largest profile amoung all other police cutters. This means that they are slightly easier to hit.


As with tarkas hivers have nothing special to mention about except their techs.

  • hivers are plasma experts. They get the best chances to develop all of the available plasma cannons, beams and torps. They have great chances to develop ballistic weapons too. Particle, laser and emitter weapons are uncommon amoung hivers, however its there some rare encounters of laser equiped hiver cruisers. Man these were mean. Hivers prefer photon/proton torpedoes to any other direct-fire torps. They have very bad chances to get emp torps.
  • hiver ships are very tough, especially their mission sections. Try to target their drives and command sections to bring hiver ships down.
  • while having the best armor, hiver ships have some great issues with speed and turning. They accelerate quite slow and once at full speed they are difficult to stop or turn. Use this as your advantage when attacking hiver colonies. Just break through the defenders and rush for their gate or cnc ship.
  • hiver gunships have less armor that other cutters, but they are not so easy to target.


Once again nothing special except for liir techs.

  • liir are particle masters. They get access to the whole particle branch including such unique weapons as ion cannons. Normal particle weapons can ignore shields, deflectors and disruptors. In addition they have an exceptionally long range meaning that liir ships can stay out of trouble for few more precious moments. Liir also have greater chances in uncovering secrets of disruptor-based torpedoes and their successors (gluonic, kelvenic).
  • liir have the most agile ships amoung other races. These are great when equipped with fixed mounts. Strafe+spinal mount destroyers equiped with particle beams or ion-pulse cannons can be a very useful support to their cruisers. And strafe\fixed mounts\assault\battle bridge + barrage or blaser cruisers are the most dangerous anti-capital ships in the game. NOTE that most of the ships that liir can use are quite slow and thus are easy preys to enemy pursue ships and other fast vessels.
  • liir gunships (cutters) are quite large and slow moving. However their turret coverage ensures that enemy will be tagetted from as many turrets as it is possible. Liir gunships are better used in close combat tactics with facing set to target. In this case they will "swim" around the target in circles bombarding it from all its turrets.
  • liir ships can select stealth armor as an additional option to other armor types.


Zuul has some changes that were applied to them in order to balance their powers and reduce their weakness.

  • zuul are somewhat uncreative when it comes to develop a new tech. They have 50% chances to unlock all of the non-core techs. However they have slightly better chances to discover particle weapons and especially neutron weapons. Having such bad odds ensures that zuul players will enjoy their true hunt for new techs.
  • zuul ripper ships and some other vessels have a limited repair ability. This is due to the nature of scratch build zuul ships that are easily repaired by spare parts floating in space after any combat zuul participate in.
  • zuul is the only race that have no dropships meaning that they are unable to capture planets by this easiest way. However by assaulting enemy colonies they can cause infestations. These infestations can iccedently overcome native populace and thus conquer yet another world for zuul.
  • zuul uses a fast and quite deadly small ship called gunboat. This vessel has 1 medium mount and 6 small making it a good cnc ships hunter or gate destroyer. These gunboats are also good at raiding enemy trade routes where their speed allows them to easily outrun any freighter escorts.
  • unlike other races zull have very powerful drones (basic drones carry one medium mount and heavy drones carry an addition small turret making it a bit better protectd against interceptor missiles). Use these drone is great numbers and do it wisely. Brutal force may not always be the best solution for zuul as enemies will often upgrade their weapons to interceptor missiles as soon as they get them.
  • zuul is the only race capable of selecting both types of armor for all of their sections including drones (!).


All races in ACM have their own techs and weapons. Morrigi are an exeption to this rule.

  • morrigi have 75% chance of getting the majority of techs both military and civilian. This represents an ancient history of this race (75% odds with all techs is obviously better than specialization) and a fact that Morrigi`s technical development is far below their lost achievements (they have a 25% odds to miss some techs).
  • morrigi can make a good use of heavy beam weapons as their blazer cruisers can carry 5 heavy weapons on a mission section!
  • morrigi is the only race that has access to drones from the start of the game. In addition they also start with "advanced robotics", "automated units" and "cybernetic interface" techs. This gives them a very good boost to production that is so necessary for their expansion.
  • morrigi specialize in gravity technologies. They are good in gravity based techs such as graviton beams and inertial cannons.
  • morrigi drones are the most advanced drones in ACM. Basic drones carry 3 light weapons while heavy drones replaces one of the small mounts with medium (note that droves in ACM are differ from ANY greatly).
  • morrigi police cutter is a large vessel that can equip two medium guns. There are no improved version of this vessel for fusion or am era. This craft is less effective than gunship type cutters of other races, so take this into account.
  • as the liir morrigi ships can also select stealth armor as an additional option to other armor types.


The core of ACM is its marvelous techtree. It was totaly reordered, modified and has a lot of new technologies. It is often difficult for ACM new users to adapt to it as its total reorganisation may be confusing. Here i`ll describe all tech branches and what you may find there.

 Communications. All FTL communications technologies including economics and diffirent broadband and spy techs are located here.
Remarkable technologies - Colonial Police (unlocks police cutters), FTL economics.
 Sensors. This branch includes all sensor-based technologies and some of the FTL systems.
Remarkable technologies - Advanced sensors, spy beam, jammers.
 Battle Computers. All command and control technologies, advanced industry techs and AI techs.
Remarkable technologies - Battle computers, Data synergy, Armada CNC, AI (and all other AI techs).
 Cybernetics. All robotic and cybernetic systems are researched in this branch.
Remarkable technologies - Drones, COLs, robo-miners (increases mining output and max overharvest value), repair & salvage, nanites (and all nanite based techs).
 Astro Engineering. This is where you develop your ships, special sections, advanced sattelites and other space construction technologies.
Remarkable technologies - advanced hull classes (CR, DN, Doomstars), advanced sattelite defences (drone, torpedo, heavy weapons), point-defence, dropships, super-heavy turrets (unlocks projector sections and weapons), asteroid mining.
 Metallurgy. This branch contains all armor technologies and some other chemistry and metallurgy-based techs.
Remarkable technologies - all armor technologies, hardened structures and archology construction.
 Ballistic Weapons. The name says for itself. This is where you can develop all of the available ballistic weapons. The branch is devided into two parts. The lower part is dedicated to basic powder-propellet ballistic weapons and the top part contains all massdriver techs.
Remarkable technologies - burst cannon, all basic cannons (for all three standard weapon sizes), massdrivers (for medium, large, heavy beam and projector mounts), siege driver, AP cannons and neutronium rounds, etc.
 Force fields. All gravity based technologies and field technologies can be researchen here.
Remarkable technologies - deflectors, disruptor fields, gravity control, tractor and graviton beams, inercial cannons, planetary gravity generator (former gravitational adoptation).
 Shields. Everything that is connected to energy fields is stored here.
Remarkable technologies - all shields, cloacking fields, absorbers, shield projector, shield upgrades and liir protector shield.
 Genetics. Bio techs and plague weapons. Nanites and gravity adoptation were moved to other branches. Be warned that there is no universal antidote as assimilation plague is now considered to be drop ships.
Remarkable technologies - suspended animation, biome colonisers, plague weapons.
 Mines. Mines and nothing else. Everything is quite simple and understandable. Remarkable technologies - all mine weapons.
 Missiles & Bombs. A very wide range of missile class weapons is available here. Remarkable technologies - improved and advanced warheads (increases damage of all missile based weapons including homming torps!), nuclear, fusion and am missiles (new retargetting missiles for large weapon mounts), MIRV, kinetic and corrosive/nanite missiles, interceptors (PD missile), seeker missile (retargetting medium missile!).
 Paricle weapons. ACM devides all energy weapon into 3 groups. Particle weapons is one of them. Particle weapons are long ranged primaply beam weapons that can penetrate shields or disrupt and shut down enemy ships or kill thousands of people with one shot. Remarkable technologies - particle weapons (including positron beams, meson projectors and desintegrator beam), neutron weapons, ion weapons.
 Torpedoes. Direct fire and homming torpedoes both missile-like and energy-like are all available here. Most of the homming missiles start from nuclear torpedo. Inderect energy torpedoes come in two groups: disruptor/ and photonic/mesonic. Remarkable technologies - disruptor/emp torpedoes (disruptor, gluonic, pulsar, emp torpedo, kelvenic torpedo, qvantum torpedo), photonic torpedoes (including proton and mesonic torpedoes) and homming torpedoes (nuclear, fusion, plasma, am torpedoes, all detonating torpedoes and ball torpedoes).
 Plasma Weapons. Second group of energy weapons consisting of plasma and fusion weapons. Remarkable technologies - all plasma weapons, fusion beams, mauler device, stellar converter and plasma annihilator cannon (siege class weapons!).
 Energy weapons. The third and the main group of energy weapons. This one includes emitters, lasers, blasters, phasors and other similar weapons. Remarkable technologies - advanced blasters, lasers, phasor and phased blaster, emitters, lances, siege laser and thunderstorm emitter (siege class weapons).
 Power. Everything that your ship needs to be able to fly is collected here. Remarkable technologies - fission, fusion and am drives (and others), overthrusting, qvantum capacitors.
 Other two tech branches are xenotech and star drives. These have almost no changes except special technology that unlocks WAR sections - Zuul threat. This one requires 'translate Zuul' and ofcause is located in xenotech tree.