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ACM for Sword of the Stars.

This is my first major project that i decided to share with the community. I worked on it almost 4 years and it is really an old grandpa of all other projects. It was an exiting and useful experience. It followed the evolution of Sword of the Stars game as its new addons brough new possibilities and chalenges for modding.

Name: ACM (Advanced Convertion Mod)
Game: Sword of the stars: Argos Naval Yard
Forum link: kerberos Productions modding forums
Manual: a bit outdated (opens in a new window)
Date started: somewhere near the end of summer of 2007
Status: finished in 2011
Maing goals: completely new set of human ships, new techtree, more and race specific weapons, new effects and sections.

Current version: ACM ANY 1.41 (27.07.2011)

Main features.

- 19 tech tree fields.
- increased research times by almost 4-5 times.
- great number of new weapons.
- new human ship models.
- gunships instead of police cutters.
- carrier ships that can carry gunships.
- new DE repair, CR fixed weapons, carrier sections.
- CR beam platforms.
- CR drone platforms (pre-ANY versions that use unique models. No DN drone sats in ACM).
- DN siege platforms.
- three types of drones instead of two. Gunbots that replace normal drones in Flock COLs.
- replaced some of the NPC weapons and effects.
- totally new explosion, engine and missile/torpedo trail effects.
- much more difficult planet invasions.
- more efficient, but costly shields.
- new graphics, sounds and texts.

History of the mod.

ACM started as a simple weapon mod. The goal was to replace some of the effects and make race-dependant weapons. However an easy to use model exported and a very helpful modding tutorials and manuals pushed me into my first attempts to create a model. The very first destroyer i made was extremely ugly, but never the less i loved it much.

Soon after i decided to replace the whole human fleet and the grand work has began. For several month i worked on the new concept of DEs and CRs and finally released a working demo with only DEs, then CRs and after a year (or so) i uploaded a last version with all human ships, some new ships for other species and a fully reworked techtree.

Evolution of the ships.

During the development i changed the overall design of human ships several times. The very first destroyer was quickly replaced. It never entered the game, even as a prototype for testing.

Second generation model was still quite ugly and was using original SOTS textures. It survived quite a long and even managed to get into two demos.

In the same time a first cruiser model was completed and introduced in the second demo. It was oversized and vastly overpowered, but was looking much better than destoyers. That ship was unique in terms of how it was composed. Unlike original ships - its command section was directly attached to drives section, not to mission. Later all other ships had their command section attached to the top of the mission section (it was pre-Morrigi, by the way!).

The third demo not only introduced dreadnaughts into the mod, but also replaced all destroyers and cruisers with new models. These models used custom made textures mixed with original SOTS and some stuff from other games. ACM was anounced finished at that time and a small period of silence lasted until i began a global remodelling of all cruisers and dreadnaughts.

The last generation of cruisers and dreadnaughts were fully moved to use custom made textures. During this rehaul a new ship class was designed and added to each faction - doomstars. These were the largest, most expensive and most deadly ships.

The current models that ACM uses are considered 'outdated' as more detailed and better quiality ones are being designed for current TCM mod.

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